PCB Design Guidelines

PCB Gerber CAM files

We accept Gerber CAM files with the following file extension.

  • filename.GTL -> Top Layer
  • filename.GBL -> Bottom Layer
  • filename.GTS -> Top Soldermask
  • filename.GBS -> Bottom Soldermask
  • filename.GTO -> Top Silkscreen
  • filename.GBO -> Bottom Silkscreen
  • filename.GKO -> Board Outline
  • filename.DRD -> Drills

You can download our Eagle PCB CAM file when using Eagle PCB CAD for your board design, which will generate the gerbers in the format we can process.

Please note the files extensions specified above are important. "filename" can be your board name.

Need help with Gerber Generation?

PCB Design Rules

  • 8 mil minimum trace width
  • 8 mil minimum trace spacing
  • 10 mil minimum drill
  • 8 mil annular ring
  • PCB thickness of 1.6mm (.063”)
  • 1oz copper on both sides (1.4mil, 35um)
  • HASL finish for superior soldering.
  • Solder resist and silkscreen on both sides.
  • Minimum 15 mil keepout distance from traces to the board edge.
  • PCB substrate is FR4.

You can download our Eagle PCB DRU file when using Eagle PCB CAD for your board desgin, which will verify that your design meets our design rules

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