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2 Layer boards @ ₹ 36/sq.cm for 3 boards. Ships under 14 days. FREE Shipping.

Made in India

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We bring you high quality, 2 layer PCB's with soldermask over bare copper (SMOBC), an HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling) finish, with BBT(Bare Board Testing), and proudly manufactured in INDIA.

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Our PCB fabrication services (with pricing)

The following services are for 2-Layer PCB Fabrication for Shipping in India:

Service Rate Lead Times*
Standard 14 Day Service ₹ 36/sq.cm for one set of 3 boards 14 days
Standard 12 Day Service Instant Quote on Gerber upload 12 days
Custom 7 Day Service Instant Quote on Gerber upload 7 days
Custom 3 Day Service Instant Quote on Gerber upload 3 days
Medium Run Service ₹ 7/sq cm for minimum of 600 sq. cm total area 5 days

*Lead Times are measured from time of payment to time of completion of fabrication.

Design Guidelines

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Large quantity/4-Layer/Special Reqs?

For larger quantities, 4-layer boards and any other special requirments contact us.

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